Melasma and age spots

Do you suffer from age spots or melasma? We GOT YOU COVERED with our routine specifically designed to help you with your skin concern.

This routine is composed of the 5 following products:

AHA 15

 One of the secrets of our treatment is the AHA 15. Melasma lies deep in your skin layers. Therefore, we have to exfoliate the skin to gain the full benefit of the treatment. And this is the role of AHA 15 as an exfoliant.

Pre C 10

Vitamin C has many benefits for the skin, that includes giving your skin glow, inducing collagen generation, and definitely helping with your melasma!

Whitening Sunscreen

To have the full benefits of the Melasma treatment, we have to protect the skin from the sun. In addition, this sunscreen has a skin-lightening effect to activate your treatment from the beginning of the day.

Intensive Whitening Serum

This is the elephant in the room! Intensive Whitening Serum has huge lightning potential! Therefore, it will be only applied on the spots and not the entire face.

Whitening Anti Wrinkle

Finally, for the cherry on top, enjoy this night cream that would not only help you to lighten and unify your skin tone but also has a BOTOX-LIKE effect that would take years off your skin age.


In the following image, you will see the result of this melasma routine, this patient kept using the products for 1 month. You can clearly see how the melasma spots disappeared, the skin tone got lighter, and the skin glow became prominent. Using the products in the correct way is key to optimum results.